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Fire has always been a mesmerizing focal point for our lives and our homes. The fireplace and surrounding hearth are a stimulus for conversation and camaraderie; and soothing to us on a primal level. The fire spaces that are available to today’s homeowners are much more versatile, and infinitely safer than those of yesteryear. High tech innovations allow for fuel efficiency in addition to increased heating capacity. Our hearth specialists can help you maximize the fireplace in your home and provide you with the key components of warmth, efficiency, ease of use, and beauty.
Thousands of factory-built fireplaces have been installed in San Diego County since the 1970’s and most are in need of a facelift.

1.) What type of fuel are you going to burn? Wood, gas or electric?

2.) Is your fireplace factory built? Determine the manufacturer and the model number. The name and model number are generally on a metal plate riveted to the inside of the firebox, either behind the mesh or at the top or bottom, in an area not covered by facing material. Approach the task with a flashlight and a soapy cloth to clean the plate for easier reading.

3.) If you have a full masonry fireplace, look closely at the unit. Does it have a masonry base and a metal flue? Or is there a clay-tiled flue?

4.) Is there a gas line into your fireplace? Natural gas or propane(LP)?

5.) What is your chimney height? One story or two?

6.) What is the approximate age of the fireplace and types of fuels that have been used in the past?

7.) When was the chimney last swept?

8.) Are the firebricks or brick panels that line the inside of the firebox in good condition?

9.) What are the inside measurements of the firebox? Measure the firebox interior: front, depth and back wall.

10.) What are the measurements of the fireplace opening? Be sure to measure all four sides of the opening.

11.) What are the dimensions of the of the existing fascia material? Depth, height and width?

With the above information, our hearth specialists can help you select new glass doors, mesh, gas logs, and many other fireplace accessories.

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